Native Wisdom – Natural Nutrients for well-being is based in rural Wiltshire UK. Our products are formulated by our team of Naturopaths and Traditional Herbalists and our aim is to supply our customers with high-quality, 100% natural supplements.

The products offered on this website result from over 30 years of trials in our associated clinics – hundreds of clients have benefited from these supportive products and now we are offering them to you!

We understand the body’s ability to heal itself when nourished with natural plant ingredients in the right state & combination. Our products are 100% natural with no fillers or added ingredients.

We have carefully formulated balanced powders, tinctures and capsules using highly bioavailable plant extracts that nourish your body at the deepest level, in a way that most other supplements cannot come close to. Taking our formulas often means people can take many fewer supplements than they have been, which provides value for money and is kind to the planet.

Sustainability is an essential consideration for us and our products are all made in the UK. Our office is a beautiful eco-roundwood building made from locally sourced wood and powered by solar energy. We prioritise environmental concerns in every aspect of our business from ingredient sourcing to packaging.

Herbal & nutrient formulas, all 100% natural

Within nature’s recipe book, we have found many old remedies and combined them with knowledge about newly discovered ingredients. This way we can keep extending the pages of the recipe book, for years to come.

If you are aiming to support your own health and wellness, you will find products in our online shop to suit your needs. Please email us if you need more information about our products (we cannot offer advise about your health conditions unfortunately).

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Ki Science

Designed for Perfect Absorption

Our ingredients are ground down to exactly the right size so that absorption of the micronutrients take place in the lower part of the gut, where uptake into the bloodstream is at its highest. All the enzymes, nutrients, pre and probiotics in our formulas are in the form of the plant extracts, so they can be more easily recognised by the body.

Even the flavours used vary, to make sure that the body keeps noticing the formulas and takes up the nutrients at the optimum level – we use vanilla, fennel and berries for this.

Natural Regeneration

Supporting your Natural Regeneration

We believe in the body’s ability to heal itself when it is nourished with nutrients in the right state and combination. The world is full of poisons and challenges so our bodies can become toxic, dehydrated and malnourished.

We have carefully formulated these balanced powders and tinctures to nourish at the deepest level, in a way that most supplements cannot.

Engineered to last

So often, we can use treatments that fail to act or the benefits don’t hold for long and we ask ourselves if the healing response was affected by some kind of deficiency.

It can be difficult to find quality supplements or to find reliable knowledge about herbal medicine and nutrition. The Native Wisdom range provides a solution for this problem, as the formulas are safe for anyone to use and this site makes them easy to choose and recommend.

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