Austrian Peat Extract (humic fulvic acid) Tincture

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Neydharting is a peat moor in the alpine region of Austria. When extracted, the peat provides humic and fulvic acid in a highly absorbable form, which is thought to be effective in supporting elimination of glyphosates and other types of insecticide toxins.

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Dosage: Start with 10 drops daily. Increase to the therapeutic dose of 20 drops daily. When the symptoms subside reduce to a maintenance dose of 10 drops daily.

Ingredients: Spring water, peat extract with chicory extract and robusta coffee fruit preserved in vegetable glycerine with potassium sorbate.

Store in the fridge once open.

Best used within 3 months of opening.


This product is for the symptomatic relief of minor complaints, based on traditional use only. Do not exceed the recommended dosage unless advised by a practitioner. The best before date and product batch number are displayed on the base or back of the item. Keep this item stored out of the reach of young children.

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