Cold & Flu Immune Support – Complete Kit

£60.00 inc Vat

This kit combines support products and remedies to take as general immune supports as well as products to take during acute illnesses, to help reduce symptoms and severity of illness.

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Clients will receive a box containing a supply of the following:

Immune support powder – dosage is 5mls once daily during cold / flu season and 2-4 x daily if unwell.

Ingredients: Coconut flour, grape sugars, saccharomyces cerevisiae (pre-­biotics & probiotics), Flax seed (zinc), Lichen (D3), Rosehip (Vit C), Elderberry, Calendula, Hypericum (for quercetin), Rosemary and Wormwood.

Throat and Chest infection herbal drops – dosage is 10 drops 4 x daily during acute illness – help you to get better faster! 50ml

Ingredients: Spring water, organic red wine, aqueous extracts of wild thyme, clove, elderberries and echinacea.

Homeopathic cold & flu kit – 10 remedies with an instruction sheet – includes remedies for both prevention and treatment of viruses – so you can get better faster!

Gelsemium 30c once a week as a preventative, or daily if you have been around people with viral symptoms

ABC 30c remedy for first 48 hours of any viral illness – take every 2 hours if you feel like you are coming down with something.

For acute illness, choose the one that fits symptoms best and take 4 x daily:

Ars-alb – if virus progresses and causes coughing or breathing problems

Bryonia – main symptom is flu with a cough with pain in chest and / or head

Carbo-veg – coughing and shortness of breath

Gelsemium – main symptom is flu with fatigue and heavy eyes

Merc-viv – main symptom is flu with lots of sweating and increased saliva, both with a bad smell

Phos – heavy feeling in the chest with a racking cough.


Items available individually:

Immune PLUS powder

Throat and chest herbal drops

Homeopathic remedies as individual pots

Other items to consider include:

Rose Hip Buffered Vitamin C powder/liquid

Children’s immune support tincture

Artemesia plus herbal tincture


This product is for the symptomatic relief of minor complaints, based on traditional use only. Do not exceed the recommended dosage unless advised by a practitioner. The best before date and product batch number are displayed on the base or back of the item. Keep this item stored out of the reach of young children.