Immune Status Test

£70.00 inc Vat

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A bioresonance test service using a saliva sample. This test allows us to provide targeted advice as to which lifestyle changes, herbal supplements and homeopathic remedies will help you keep your immune system ready for anything. We will send you a short health questionnaire and a swab kit with all the information you need to be returned for testing on the provided date.

Please see below for further detail of what the test covers.

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Immune Status Test package includes:

  • A saliva test kit posted to you
  • A health questionnaire to help us know what’s important to you
  • A bioresonance test looking at your immune system & lungs, white blood cell levels, the presence of viruses & bacterial, levels of Vitamin C, D, E, CoQ10, Glutathione and Zinc.
  • Results emailed to you with personalised treatment recommendations
  • Complementary cold and flu homeopathy kit, worth £20

For those looking for a better understanding of their general health or chronic illnesses, both diagnosed and undiagnosed, we recommend a comprehensive Health Analysis test.

For more information on bio-resonance technology, please read here. 

Please note that bioresonance technology has been used by Naturopaths for decades and scans for test items using frequency testing. This is not the same as blood testing or other forms of saliva testing. The information supplied is not intended to replace the advice of your GP or any treatments they have recommended.    

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