Canine Health Test

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We will test a saliva sample using bio-resonance technology. Includes test report with a detailed personalised treatment plan and recommendations as to what naturopathic treatments and lifestyle changes might be appropriate for your pet.

Please see below for further detail of what the test covers.


We’re pretty good at telling when our furry friends are hungry, looking for a cuddle or really need to be taken out for a walk. But sometimes what they need is more difficult to discover. Our Canine MOT looks for the root causes of itching and scratching, upset bowels and changes in behaviour.  The test explores allergies, food intolerances, mineral deficiencies and hidden bacteria, parasites and worms. The canine package includes:

  • A saliva test kit posted to you
  • A canine health questionnaire to help us know what’s troubling them
  • A Canine MOT bioresonance test
  • Expert practitioner analysis
  • A full report of our findings
  • A personalised treatment plan with Naturopathic support products and remedies. 

For more information on bio-resonance technology, please read here. 

Please note that bioresonance technology has been used by Naturopaths for decades and scans for test items using frequency testing. This is not the same as blood testing or other forms of saliva testing. The information supplied is not intended to replace the advice of your vet or any treatments they have recommended.

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Testing saliva samples using bio-resonance technology is a quick and easy way to get a comprehensive overview of your current health. We test extensively for nutritional, hormonal, pathogenic and physiological issues and our practitioner provides a detailed, personalised treatment plan with naturopathic recommendations. 

Please see below for further detail of what the test covers.

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