Are all Native Wisdom products organic?

The products are not all certified organic (even if every ingredient is, each combined formula has to be certified and as a small company the cost of this is not viable).

Also, it is important to note that an organic certification does not guarantee high potency nor absence of certain toxins. For example, a field producing certified organic ingredients can be next to a motorway.

Why do your products taste different from the last time I used them?

All of our products are created from carefully sourced ingredients with the greatest therapeutic power, which means they can change seasonally.

In addition, we include ingredients such as vanilla, fennel and berries to change the flavour so that the body keeps noticing the formula’s presence and maximum update is maintained.

How do I take the supplements?

You can add tinctures to food, water, juice or take straight on a spoon, but do not add to hot drinks. Dose is 10 drops, 2 x daily unless the label or your treatment plan says otherwise. 2 x daily means one AM and one PM.

You can sprinkle powder on cold food or add to cold liquid. To make them easier to swallow, mix with yoghurt or something similar. Dose is 5mls, 2 x daily unless the label or your treatment plan says otherwise. 2 x daily means one AM and one PM. 5mls is a teaspoon.

Powders that contain sprouted broccoli are more effective if you chew them (sorry, this tastes awful but it really works).

Any homeopathic remedies should be taken 5+ mins away from any food or drink and pillules should be left to dissolve under the tongue. Do not chew or swallow them. The dose is always one pillule (or 3 drops if a liquid remedy), 2 x daily means one AM and one PM.

How should I store my supplements?

Homeopathic remedies need to be stored away from direct sunlight, microwaves / wifi / mobile phones etc. and strong smelling items.

Powders need to be stored at room temperature, in an air-tight container and are best used within 6 months of opening.

Tinctures should be stored in your fridge once open, and used within 3 months of opening.

All powders and tincture should be used before the BBE date on the label.

Should I stop my current pharmaceutical medication to start a treatment plan with you?

No, we recommend keeping everything the same when starting treatment with NTA Health. Over time you may be able to reduce and wean off your conventional medication, but this should be done with the knowledge of your practitioner and your GP. Please use your retest questionnaires to advise your practitioner about changes you would like to make.

What if I feel worse after taking one of your products?

There is a small possibility that your symptoms may get worse for a few days after taking the new remedies/supplements. This is a normal part of the healing process but we aim to avoid this as much as possible.

We suggest that you add one new treatment at a time (eg. one per day at the most). If you feel worse after taking a new treatment then you should stop taking the most recently added item and wait 3 days before starting it again.

If you are not sure which new supplement or remedy has caused the worsening then stop everything new for 3 days and then go back to adding them one at a time (one every 2 days is better in this case).

If you have new symptoms that start after taking a new treatment, then again stop taking it for 3 days and then try again.

I have old symptoms coming back, what do I do?

It’s quite common to have old symptoms coming back during treatment. If you have a treatment plan from NTA and the symptom is something that your practitioner has previously recommended treatment for (you can check your past reports and prescription sheets to see if there is anything listed), then it is safe to restart that treatment. If it is a symptom that you experienced before having treatment with NTA, then this is actually a good sign that a healing process is happening and you will usually feel better afterwards.

If it isn’t a serious symptom then try to let it happen for a few days and usually it will clear itself (make a note to tell your practitioner that it happened on your retest questionnaire). If it is a serious symptom then you should check with your GP what to do or go to A&E if appropriate.

My child (or pet) took my remedies/supplements, what do I do?

Don’t panic, all our products are child friendly and you can’t be harmed or overdose on the products as they are only natural ingredients.

Can you recommend anything for my illness?

We do not have protocols for specific illnesses, but the descriptions of our products explain what they can help with, so that you can select what is right for you. Our product finder quiz on the home page can also be really useful. The naturopathic approach ideally uses testing and asking detailed questions about your health and symptoms so we can treat in an individualised way​. There is more information about naturopathy, homeopathy and herbal medicines on the NTA blog

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Remote testing

We work with NTA Health, who provide remote services in association including:

A remote health analysis which costs £130 and includes a results report and treatment plan drawn up by one of the NTA practitioners.

A Pet MOT which costs £80 and includes a results report and recommendations for treatments.

30 minute Skype or phone appointments are also available for an additional £50 – only in addition to the health analysis.

Human tests are available on NTA’s website:

You will need to post us a saliva sample, to be tested using our bio-resonance system – we can test 90% of the things that would usually test for if you came for an assessment in clinic, including infections, toxins, intolerances, hormone levels, nutritional deficiencies and organ health.

Please be aware that we will ask you to post your sample on a specific day. This is so that we can test it soon after it arrives and get the clearest possible results. You can expect standard saliva test results within 3 weeks.

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Do you treat animals?

We also have a range of pet products and offer dog health MOTs using the saliva test. Find further information about what pet testing we offer here:

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How does my pet take the remedies/supplements

Add the homeopathic remedies to their water bowl (it doesn’t matter if other pets drink the water), the dose is always one pillule.

Sprinkle support powders onto food and herbal tinctures can be given by mouth or in food.

The recommended dose for canine powders is 2.5ml, 2 x daily for small dogs and 5ml 2 x daily for large dogs (over 10kg). 2 x daily means one AM and one PM.

The recommended dose for canine tinctures is 1 pipette full, 2-3 x daily for small dogs and 2 pipettes full, 2-3 x daily for large dogs (over 10kg). 2 x daily means one AM and one PM.

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